GPS Tracking

Navigation and GPS Systems That Are Both Reliable and Accurate

GPS navigation devices are your family’s guarantee that you will get to your destination safe and sound, taking the shortest route or the safest route available. The GPS can make sense of the most confusing and complicated inner city or inter city road systems our there. Some more sophisticated products will even connect with the local traffic system and inform the driver of road blocks and alternative routes available.

Osprey offers the most competitive range of GPS devices in Westwood and Greater Boston MA. As authorized dealer of top GPS navigation producers such as Alpine, Kenwood, and Boston Global Tracking, in our store you will find any product with any feature you desire, such as:

  • widescreen
  • speech recognition
  • bluetooth
  • traffic compatible
  • multi-touch glass display
  • MP3 player included
  • photo navigation
  • fuel-efficient routing
  • smart systems that learn traffic trends
  • route predictors
  • multiple stop routing
  • waterproof

Osprey hires the most experienced technicians in Boston to ensure the best installation and configuration of your GPS system. Any navigation system can steer you in the right direction, and get you from point A to point B. But what if you could do more? Osprey doesn’t offer just navigation. We offer advanced navigation. Troubleshooting GPS systems is something we pioneered in the Eastern Massachusetts market.

GPS Tracking Brands We Carry