Mercedes Benz Remote Starters

Osprey is an Authorized Installer Of Mercedes Benz SmartKey Starter

The AutoMile’s leading installer of all Remote Car Starters and Keyless Entry Systems , Osprey on the Automile is also an authorized installer of the Mercedes Benz SmartKey Starter® remote ignition and safety system. Designed exclusively for Mercedes Benz vehicles, the SmartKey Starter® is a safe and ultra convenient security and remote entry system that integrates fully with Mercedes Benz factory installed systems and upgrades. Like many features in your Mercedes Benz, it’s technically sophisticated and not a system to be installed by amateurs.

We recommend the SmartKey Starter® to every Mercedes Benz driver in Massachusetts. The SmartKey Starter® includes the ability to integrate with standard and KeylessGo equipped vehicles, and in certain vehicles incorporates an integrated countdown timer.  15 minutes is enough for you to have a nice warm car in winter and to cool down your vehicle interior in the blazing sun. With a range of anti-theft and safety features, the SmartKey Starter® is the only remote ignition starter and anti-theft system we recommend for many newer Mercedes Benz models.

We’ve installed the SmartKey Starter® in Mercedes Benz models all along Norwood’s AutoMile since the program’s inception. All of our remote start and keyless entry technicians are certified to install the Mercedes Benz SmartKey Starter® system and they’ll be happy to discuss your model’s compatibility and the specifics of the installation. Every SmartKey Starter® comes with a full 4 Year Warranty and a full range of functionality that will seriously enhance your Mercedes driving experience.