Rear View Cameras

Car Backup Cameras Give Peace of Mind

Car back up cameras have given peace of mind to every driver with kids and pets. Reverse direction cameras and sensors can make the most dangerous part of driving a lot easier and today’s sensors can detect objects within six to eight feet of the rear of the vehicle. They’ll even alert the driver with an inside alarm and outside back up warning signals, and make every driver a safer driver.

Osprey has Boston MA’s most experienced technicians providing rear vision camera and video monitor installation, set-up and maintenance. Troubleshooting rear view cameras, back-up sensors and car video systems is something we pioneered in the Eastern Massachusetts market. We carry and install a variety of top quality brands including Advent, Steelmate, Boyo Vision and others to give the drivers in your family added peace of mind.

Osprey’s technicians have outfitted emergency and official vehicles and trucks with ReverseGUARD back up sensor systems that use ultrasonic technology to alert the driver of objects behind the vehicle. We’ve also installed numerous private vehicles with PlateCam™ license plate cameras and dashboard video monitors. RV back up camera systems make maneuvering your recreational vehicle easier and safer and we’ve equipped big rig trucks and local delivery vehicles with video systems that reduce insurance rates and improve driver performance. Built-in nightvision means many of our back-up cameras provide full vision even in very poor lighting conditions, and keep youngsters and pets safe.

Boyo Vision, ReverseGUARD, Steelmate, and Advent systems are just some of the rear view cameras we regularly install. Back-up camera installations, electronic auto safety equipment and system integration make us the leader in providing rear view cameras, equipment and service in Westwood.

Rear View Cameras Brands We Carry