Satellite Radio

Get the Highest Sound Quality with Satellite Radio Systems

The Sirius XM Satellite Radio system has revolutionized the way we drive, and Osprey is the leading Boston MA dealer in integrated satellite radio systems. With years of experience installing and customizing car audio setups, we can deliver the highest quality high fidelity car stereo systems for your radio subscription network.

With hundreds of digital channels of satellite radio to choose from, we can integrate your satellite radio with an advanced Sirius XM audio system or receiver that’s fully compatible with your iPhone or iPod and with your GPS navigation system. We’ve even integrated the same satellite radio receivers with auto security systems and remote starters, so that every part of your car’s electronics system is state of the art and fully functional.

If you’re ready to make the leap to advanced fully digital satellite radio in your car, Osprey Wireless has fully trained technicians to install, tweak or easily upgrade your existing or factory installed entertainment system. We’re Westwood’s leader in car audio and in Sirius XM satellite radio car audio receivers, and we’ll be more than happy to give your car’s audio or satellite system the boost you deserve.

Satellite Radio Brands We Carry